The Video2GIF dataset contains over 100,000 pairs of GIFs and their source videos. The GIFs were collected from two popular GIF websites (, and the orresponding source videos were collected from YouTube in Summer 2015. We provide IDs and URLs of the GIFs and the videos, along with temporal alignment of GIF segments to their source videos. The dataset shall be used to train models for GIF creation and video highlight detection. In addition to the 100K GIF-video pairs, the dataset contains 357 pairs of GIFs and their source videos as the test set. The 357 videos come with a Creative Commons CC-BY license, which allows us to redistribute the material with appropriate credit. We provide this test set to make the results reproducible even when some of the videos become unavailable. If you end up using the dataset, we ask you to cite the following paper: Michael Gygli, Yale Song, Liangliang Cao Video2GIF: Automatic Generation of Animated GIFs from Video IEEE CVPR 2016 If you have any question regarding the dataset, please contact: Michael Gygli

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