The ICG Multi-Camera and Virtual PTZ dataset contains the video streams and calibrations of several static Axis P1347 cameras and one panoramic video from a spherical Point Grey Ladybug3 camera for two scenarios. The first scenario (outdoor) shows a crowded campus of our university, while the second sequence (indoor) was recorded during the preparations of a European handball training game at a sports hall in Graz. The panoramic imagery can be used to simulate a PTZ camera with the provided implementation of the virtual PTZ (vPTZ) camera. Datasets (~ 440 MB), vPTZ implementation (~ 15 KB, C++) Unsupervised Calibration of Camera Networks and Virtual PTZ Cameras (bib) Horst Possegger, Matthias Rther, Sabine Sternig, Thomas Mauthner, Manfred Klopschitz, Peter M. Roth, and Horst Bischof In Proc. Computer Vision Winter Workshop (CVWW), 2012

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