The test sequences provide interested researchers a real-world multi-view test data set captured in the blue-c portals. The data is meant to be used for testing reconstruction/rendering algorithms based on multi-view video sequences with consideration of noise and other capturing device errors. Furthermore, it can be used for testing streaming and compression techniques since we are also providing depth maps as calculated by a shape-from-silhouettes method. The set consists of frame sequences rendered from 16 different camera views located in a hemisphere around the scene, background images, segmentation masks, depth images, and camera parameters. The recorded scene contains different humans performing various motions, ranging from simple and slow movements to kicks and punchs of a Kung-Fu fighter. The sequences have different lengths and are recorded at different acquisition frame rates. Each frame is saved as a 640 x 480 image. Here is an illustration of the blue-c portal at ETH Hoenggerberg where all sequences are captured. The numbers indicate the camera nodes (i.e., arctic1 - arctic16).

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