This dataset is for people tracking in wide baseline camera networks and was designed as a contest at ICPR 2012. The contest consists of two challenges: The first one consists of tracking people across the cameras having wide baselines and non-overlapping fields of view in a consistent and accurate way through the whole system. The second challenge consists of discovering the camera network topology. In a wide baseline camera network configuration, the cameras see the object from totally different viewpoint and totally different illumination conditions. One of the main difficulties consists of solving the problem of wide baseline camera setting considering also the case of non-overlapping fields of view between the cameras. Another problem to be solved is how the object to be tracked can be represented in order to be able to track objects consistently and accurately. Lastly, the recognition of the camera network topology is another problem to be faced. After initialising the objects to be tracked (no restriction on either manual or automatic initialisation), the whole process has to run automatically, which means no more user interaction or use of any new static information (for example, a new manual selection) are possible. The datasets are available at our ftp server. If you want to download them, please contact Gustavo Fernandez.

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