The San Francisco Landmark Dataset for Mobile Landmark Recognition is a set of images and query images for localization. We present the San Francisco Landmark Dataset, which contains a database of 1.7 million images of buildings in San Francisco with ground truth labels, geotags, and calibration data, as well as a difficult query set of 803 cell phone images taken with a variety of different camera phones. The data is originally acquired by vehicle-mounted cameras with wide-angle lenses capturing spherical panoramic images. For all visible buildings in each panorama, a set of overlapping perspective images is generated. We provide this dataset to facilitate further research in the important area of landmark recognition with mobile devices. a SFM reconstruction of a subset is available here: Contributors: Stanford: D. Chen, S. Tsai, B. Girod ETHZ: G. Baatz, K. Koeser, M. Pollefeys Nokia Research Center: R. Vedantham, T. Pylvanainen, K. Roimela, R. Grzeszczuk Navteq: X. Chen, J. Bach

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