The TVPR dataset includes 23 registration sessions. Each of the 23 folders contains the video of one registration session. Acquisitions have been performed during 8 days and the total recording time is about 2,000 seconds. Registrations are made in an indoor scenario, where people pass under the camera installed on the ceiling. Environmental illumination is not constant, because it varies in function of the different hours of the day and it also depends on natural illumination due to weather conditions. The 100 people recruited are aged between 19 - 36 years: 43 females and 57 male; 86 with dark hair, 12 with light hair and 2 are hairless. Besides, 55 people with short hair and 43 have long hair. The subjects were recorded in their everyday clothing like t-shirts/sweatshirts/shirts, loose-fitting trousers, coats, scarves and hats. In particular, 18 subjects wore coats and 7 subjects wore scarves. All videos have fixed dimensions (640x480 pixels) and a frame rate of about 30 fps. Videos are saved in native .oni files (depth and color streams), but can be converted in any other format. Colour stream is available in a non-compressed format. Dataset: Paper: Some videos:, More on our research:

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