The Weather and Illumination Database (WILD) is an extensive database of high quality images of an outdoor urban scene, acquired every hour over all seasons. It includes images of the scene taken under a variety of weather and illumination conditions. Each image is tagged with useful ground truth information regarding atmospheric conditions, scene distances and ephemeric data. This website showcases and distributes WILD. The WILD database consists of high quality (1520 x 1008 pixels, 12 bits per pixel) calibrated color (RGB) images of an outdoor scene captured every hour for over 6 months. The data collection is ongoing and we plan to acquire images for one year. The dataset covers a wide range of daylight and night illumination conditions, weather conditions and all 4 seasons. This webpage describes in detail the image acquisition and sensor calibration procedures. The images are tagged with a variety of ground truth data such as atmospheric conditions (weather, visibility, sky condition, humidity, temperature) and approximate scene depths.

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